FALL 2021

Hello! Here’s an update of some tattoos and paintings I finished at the end of summer/fall. I started a lot of big projects over the summer and stoked complete them in the new year. With the tattoo industry as a whole booming right now and for myself . Going into the new year I will be taking a new approach and will be only working on my own designs. Still doing your Ideas but not bending and tattooing like someone else. I will get a fair share of clients that want me to do a tattoo like @”favoritetradguy” because I do “traditional”. So no more haha.  I’m hoping to take a quaterly break (prolly not gonna happen…) to improve and work on new designs to have regularly available for people. Some may think I already do this but this is not the case. Recently Bradley Sizemore (@homelessbones) and Leina (@tattoosioux)  we’re working at the shop, both were truly inspiring to watch tattoo. They both are incredibly fast,efficient, and double down on what they want to do.  They rule and you should be following their work. I think at times I try to read the room too much and it all prolly stems from the beginning of my career, when traditional tattooing was not cool and tricking people into getting it. So going into the new year I’ll be saying “NO” to some stuff and bring my clients the version of myself and designs. Thanks for looking and reading if anyone is …..


Hey 👋 just restocked some hats. Due to the shortage as of lately, I was only able to get my hands on Black hats. I’ll be posting these on IG this week. Hopefully down road I can restock other colors. As far as prints they should coming in mid-week and shipped by Saturday. Took an extra week due to a scan problem on my end. Thanks to everyone for being patient.


Summer is here and COVID is no more….. The last couple months I’ve been really busy and lucky enough to start a lot of new big projects that I’m excited for. A lot of them on other tattooers that keeps this whole process very humbling. But here are some bad pics of recent stuff I’ve finished, started, and the last of supremes built til the next batch. The painting is for an old friend Steve Fournier at Regeneration/Luckys commissioned by his wife Bri who is a punisher and only gave me a weeks notice to paint …… Thank you Bri and anyone looking.

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