Welcome back to another installment of some paintings, crappy tattoo photos, and zappy things that go up/down. I recently finished a big Fudo painting for my good friend Landon Lewis (Black Thorn Tattoo, PA) in a trade for some coil work. My biggest weakness when coming to machine building is by far winding coils. Landon makes the best in the business and makes my life a lot easier.  That’s the beautiful thing about tattooing and everything attached is constantly learning and problem solving. I’m 15 years in and everyday there’s something new to learn and I still have a lot of weaknesses. Coils winding is definitely one of them… The series of reaper paintings above will be turned into NFTS. Those will be announced I believe fairly soon. Next week I will be posting on here first my new stencil book that I’ve been working on the past couple months. Im very happy with the way it has turned out. Along with some new shirts and hats in the coming weeks. Right now I’m all caught up Machines and if you’re interested reach out! Thanks for looking and until then I’ll be still trying to get in the Post Office. 

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