Hello and welcome back for a long overdue post. Life has been a little more chaotic since the last one. Thank you to everyone that continues to support in anyway and your patience. I’m a one man show trying to keep it all together. If you’ve reached out and haven’t heard back or lack there of , its not intentional. Please reach out again. Stuff gets lost pretty quick. I have the memory span of Joe Biden now. Please ONLY EMAIL its the only way I stay somewhat organized. But Anywhoo …. In the past couple months I’ve gotten to do a lot of different and larger pieces I can’t wait to finish up. Keep the great ideas coming. If you’re interested in a machine I’ve pretty much have caught up on all machine builds. The last batch were for some really phenomenal tattooers. Some of these guys I’ve been a fan of  since I was an apprentice. Very humbling and makes me sweat. Thank you to everyone that bought a print or two as well they should be in next week and sent ASAP!

Also I wanted to touch on one observation ive made over the last few years . I’ve tattooed several apprentices and young tattooers. Out of all of them… Maybe two asked questions and truly seemed interested in something besides themselves. The rest talked about how good their tattoos were, busy they were, and while also shitting on there co-workers work? Fascinating. The last couple years I feel I’ve kept running into this sense of entitlement from the same cloth. 15 years into tattooing and I’ve never came across this before. I don’t want to blanket statement an entire generation because that wouldn’t be fair.  I truly think there shouldn’t be rules or boundaries of expressing yourself in tattooing. It should be A god damn free for all. That’s what has raised the bar and pushed this beautiful industry. But A sense of respect has truly felt lost. People seem disposable when they talk and promote low standards. Have I finally turned into the old man tattooer? Tattooing is definitely a young man’s game but it’s starting to feel different. It truly feels like children larping as tattooers is the only part being expressed and not the work. Originality is lost. Maybe there should be rules? Or maybe am I just getting old…..

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