Welcome and Last Post of 2020

Hello and Welcome to my New Blog! With Social media becoming more saturated with nonsense. I decided to take a step back and start a (weekly/monthly?) blog. Social media is such a great tool for an online portfolio and free advertising but, I don’t care to be glued to my phone or the constant pat on the back. People yell at me all the time for not posting much on IG soooo…. here we are . I’ve always enjoyed blogging  before social media and its always good way of reflecting on work instead of posting a picture into the abyss. So I’ll be posting drawings, tattoos, machines, and pre-print/merch releases on here exclusively, a lot of which won’t be on IG. Maybe you’ll like it ,maybe you won’t, it’s cool. So blog post #1 here are a bunch of Christmas machine orders that I fulfilled this month. Also a couple commissioned paintings for My good friend Steve Minerva (NEW shop “The Ivory Rose Tattoo” ) , Eli Wood “Lucky Wizard Tattoo” , and last one anonymous because it’s a surprise. Thanks for looking and any feedback would rule! -chris 

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